Your culture is defined by the unacceptable behaviours that are accepted.

What are the worst behaviours your sport, your club, and/or your team tolerates?

Webinars  WEBINAR:  Learning How to Give Feedback When Something Has to be SAID.

The worst tolerated parent behaviours could be giving your organization a bad reputation, and having an impact on official retention, volunteer retention, and even player retention. Let us help eliminate the unacceptable behaviours and create a culture where everyone is “Loud & Proud of Their Own Behaviours.”

What are the worst tolerated behaviours in your organization?  Have you ever seen the overzealous Mom/Dad at the “all important” tyke game. The Coach who MUST win and shortens the bench even at the first exhibition game of the season. Or, A group of spectators who feel the need to berate the 15-year-old official, and then wonder why they are kicked out of the game. Perhaps they need some Spectator Intelligence.

How do you rate your Organization? Spectator Intelligent Culture Code Quiz (coming soon)

Parent Behaviour in youth sports

Why Create Spectator Intelligence in your organization?


Because socially unacceptable behaviours are becoming acceptable. We shake our heads in disbelief, yet everyone has a story.

At WNTY we take concepts like Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Development and bring them to the playing field to create a Spectator Intelligent Culture.

The ABCs of transforming your Organization to a Spectator Intelligent Culture

A - Awareness

Being aware of the worst tolerated behaviours in your organization AND the impact and implications of those behaviours on all key stakeholders (parents, volunteers, officials, coaches and athletes) is the first critical step.

B- Behaviors

 Knowing what behaviours you want, is just important as knowing what behaviours you don’t want. The trick is ensuring everyone has the right skills and knowledge to make the behaviour change. We work with the WNTY Training Zone App to teach the skills of self awareness and how to manage emotions (even in the all important game!).

C - Culture Code

The gap between your current Culture and the Culture you desire can be big! We measure your existing culture and identify your desired culture, so you can start to manage it. We help you transform your Code of Conduct into a Spectator Intelligent Culture Code with a rating application, WNTY Training Zone App, to help keep everyone accountable to the behaviours you want.

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We increase self-awareness, enhance emotional resilience and teach How to Give Feedback When Something Has to Be SAID, using the SAID Model  for those who just can’t see themselves or the impacts of their behaviours.

Your Role – Yes. Everyone has a Role to Play – Whether you are the parent, volunteer bench staff, volunteer administrators, staff or officials you play an ACTIVE ROLE – to monitor and manage your own energy and actions.

Our Goal – is creating a healthy culture, where mental and emotional wellness THRIVE, not just survive the experience.

Our Talents – drawn from a variety of disciplines including: Leadership Development, Executive Coaching and Team Performance Coaching techniques, Mindfulness, Leadership Intelligence Inc., HearthMath® Techniques, and Conversational Intelligence® tools and practices.

Our Game Plan – We assess and measure, we teach and train, we reinforce and reward the desired behaviours. We use live webinars and workshops; WNTY Training Zone App to reinforce, reward and measure how you are doing in every game during your regular season.

About Us

We are a team of executive coaches, facilitators and training & development professionals with a passion for leadership development and culture transformation in organizations.

Our business experiences, plus our involvement in youth sports as parents, bench staff, board executive volunteers and league administrator set us up to be the perfect solution to your issues.

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