Are you fed up with the aggressive culture in youth sports?

At WNTY Inc. our mission is to transform the experience, 1 adult at a time.

The system of youth sport is screaming for help.

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Learning How to Give Feedback When Something Has to be SAID.

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Parents, Coaches, Volunteers, Officials, Sport Associations

…we are talking to all of you!


Everybody has a role to play in a spectator intelligent culture. Either the problem, the solution, or a bit of both… what’s your role? And how can you help?

Parent Behaviour in youth sports

What We Do?

We are a national organization providing science based, positive-impact solutions to create a Spectator Intelligent Culture.

We work together with sports associations, parents, coaches, officials, and volunteers in youth sport because this is a systemic issue.

We don’t preach about “zero tolerance” on abuse, instead we “zero in” on what drives emotional reactions.

By understanding emotional triggers, we are better able to regulate responses, improve emotional performance and create an environment of “S.I.C.” that supports success for everyone – the players, coaches, volunteers, officials  AND  the spectators in the stands.

Declining culture in youth sports

Why a Spectator Intelligent Culture?

Because socially unacceptable behaviours are becoming accepted.  Time and again…  We shake our heads in disbelief, yet everyone has a story.

At What Not To Yell Inc. we ask:

  • Was there an impact on you?
  • Was there an impact on the athletes?
  • Did you want to intervene, but didn’t know how?
  • Have you implemented policies and codes of conduct, with little effect?

If you answered yes to any of these statements we should talk!

Building leadership in the stands of youth sports

We focus on playing with HEART to create S.I.C.

Playing with H.E.A.R.T. is about:

  • Handling your head by physically using your heart
  • Experiences – “S#!@T” happens, its how you experience the “S#!@T” that matters.
  • Actions – we teach you how to see your actions in the moment (even without the cameras)
  • Reactions become responses. Reactions are a choice. You can choose your emotional response, or  your reaction, there is a difference and a place for both – we’ll help you make the right choice!
  • Take a deep breath – that’s how it all starts. Simple. But not simplistic.

Quite simply “HEART” brings a higher level of performance with awareness around our actions, reactions and their consequences.

How we do it?
We bring proven leadership training and  organizational development from business to sports.

We  use assessment tools, workshops, leadership and team coaching, motivational talks and “Train the Trainer” seminars to teach concepts like:

  • Value Driven Behaviours
  • The Culture/Behaviour Dichotomy
  • Emotional Misconducts
  • Transforming the “F”-Bomb
  • The Power of Conflict

We help all stakeholders understand their role in this systemic issue.  Participants learn their triggers, understand their pressure points and then provide the skills, tools and knowledge necessary to channel “reactions” into “responses” .


  • Our focus is on creating a healthy culture, where mental and emotional wellness thrives.  Making unconscious behaviours conscious in all parts of the system.
  • Our approach incorporates methods drawn from a variety of disciplines including: leadership programs, neuroscience, behaviour change practices, executive level coaching sessions, team development techniques, biofield therapy, and mindfulness techniques.
  • Our vision is to be the “go to” organization to build healthy cultures in sports.  Join the mission in transforming the experience, 1 adult at a time.
  • Our resources are  your resources.  Found on the “Resource” page under contacts.
    • Need to give some feedback?  Try the SAID Model
    • Take the free values assessment survey, and see how your personal values can be a trigger for you
    • Have some great resources or tips you want to share – send them in and we are happy to post

Need some help but not sure what you need?

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