Sports Officials, We hear your call for help!!

Who in their right mind, wants to sign up for a job, and get yelled at, berated, and blamed for pretty much everything?!


Yet, if there are no officials, there are no games. Statistic show that recruitment and retention of officials for a number of sporting associations is on the decline.1,2 Drop out rates can be as high as 1/3 for some sports in Canada2.

Referee abuse on youth sportsKids who play sports, often will sign up to officiate the sport they love to make some money as students, and start their work journey.  Isn’t that the dream?? To get paid to do what you love?!

Let’s burst that bubble at a young age shall we!!  But do we have to?  Research also shows that officials that stick it out into adult hood, have greater resilience, and can deal with challenges of the job, as well as act as mentors for those coming up the ranks.  “What is unknown is whether these high levels of resilience exist before they enter into officiating or whether they are developed as a result of their officiating experiences.”2

Let’s not leave this up to chance.  Resilience can be learned.  We work with officials both young and old to build resilience, so that in the heat of the moment you can think with clarity.  We help you control the stress hormone (cortisol), that clogs your brain, so you can’t think straight.

Invite us to be a part of your next assoc. meeting.

We will teach you how to manage the “F-Bombs” and play your game with HEART.

Will introduce you to the physiology that helps build resilience.  We will teach you the energetic principles behind power vs force so you don’t lose your power, which hurts your performance. You learn the SAID Model which will help you in the moment and what needs to be SAID on a game sheet.

Learn how you can help improve Spectator Intelligence and transform your experience.

Heat smartHow Smart H.E.A.R.T. applies to officials:


We’ll introduce you to the concepts related to HeartMath® that will help you to build resilience. Resilience gives you the confidence to make the right calls, every time, regardless of what is going on in the stands or on the bench. In other words, even in the absence of Spectator Intelligence!


Our Mission: Transforming the experience, 1 adult at a time.