Sports Associations, we feel your pain! Culture shift in any organization, is not easy!

If you are losing officials from frustration, having trouble finding volunteer coaches because of verbal (sometimes even physical) abuse or worse still, your enrollment levels are down, you need to talk to Melanie Wanless and the team at What Not To Yell Inc. to discuss how we can help.

We have seen it in all kinds of businesses.  The most well thought out strategies and tactics to grow a business, and provide quality services and programs are useless if there is a problem with the culture.  Peter Drucker, summed it up the best.

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast.”

What is the Spectator Intelligent Culture in your Association?

At What Not To Yell Inc. we can:

  • Identify and measure the current culture of your organization, clubs and even teams.
  • Help you to define the desired culture you need to be successful, and how to get there.
  • Build custom workshops personalized and designed with your association in mind.
  • Tailor presentations that best suit your audience and your specific needs.

Got an issue with overly zealous (even aggressive) parents? Are there people in the stands that could use some coaching around their S.I. factor? Their Spectator Intelligence?

We’ll create a package focused on helping parents regulate their emotional responses to game play, to the officials officiating (doing their job) and we will do it with a program that treats parents with the respect they deserve for all the “Spectator Intelligent” positives they DO bring to the game:

  • their enthusiasm
  • their support
  • their child – your player!
  • their monetary commitment and investment
  • their volunteer time in a variety of capacities

We provide:

  • Workshops and live webinars
  • Leadership Training & Coaching
  • 360 Feedback and assessments
  • Cultural Assessments and consulting
  • Resilience Training & Mentoring, Resilience Coaching
  • Key Note Speaking
  • Executive & Team Coaching
  • We will even do an “intervention” if needed, cuz sometimes we just can’t see ourselves!


We’ll help  transform the culture of your organization into one that values and respects the contributions of every member. Using the concepts of a Spectator Intelligent Culture, we’ll work together with your parents, coaches, officials and volunteers  to enhance (maybe even repair!) the adult experience in youth sport.

Together we’ll help transform your culture so your strategy can succeed!


How to Build A Spectator Intelligent Culture in Your Sport – Webinar Series

We can do it for you, or teach you how to do it for yourself.  To get started, we are offering a series of webinars to you, your team, your club, or association,  learn how to move towards a Spectator Intelligent Culture.  Each module can be taken as a stand alone  modules, or you can sign up for the whole thing.  Call for a quick assessment on where you are at and what you need.

For me, it spoke measures on how much you care about our kids and what you want to see for the future of lacrosse in Ontario, on and off the field.

Workshop Participant

Yelling and conflict affects everyone: players, coaches and parents

Sports Parent, ON

I’ve learned how to take the time to look at how the other individual is going to interpret what I’m saying and if that’s the message I’m trying to send

Workshop Participant

Our Mission: Transforming the experience, 1 adult at a time.