Values & Behaviours Sport Assessment

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What Not To Yell Inc. in partnership with Barrett Values Centre is excited to launch the Values & Behaviours Sports Assessment.

Culture in organizations be it business or sports, can impact the success of your organization.  Culture impacts everyone!

 The athletes, parents, volunteers, officials and staff.  Culture is one of those things we often talk about, yet have a hard time trying to understand how to shift it or create it vs. letting it happen to us.

What is Culture??  Let’s keep it simple:

  • Culture is a collection of individual behaviours.
  • Behaviours are driven by our values (what is important to us)
  • Values apply to individuals and groups. 
  • Cultural norms can be described as “I don’t know, that’s just the way we do things around here”.  They aren’t always healthy. 


Can you design your Culture? 

  • Absolutely!
  • You can measure your culture as well, which is important, because, what gets measured gets managed.
  • When you understand your organization’s values, you can define the behaviours that you want and what you don’t want.  
  • You can Create a Culture Code, which is more powerful than a Code of Conduct.

Gearing up to move to a new normal as we flattend the curve with Covid 19, now is the time to stop and reflect and ask yourself, “what values  are  important in our sport moving forward?” and “what behaviours do we want more of or less of?”.

We are launching this new tool by conducting a nationwide Values and Behaviours Sport Assessment to introduce the tool to sport organizations across Canada. We need you, the parents, volunteers, coaches, officials, Board Members, and staff all to share your voice about what is important to you in your sport culture.

Join us for the results on June 18th for a live webinar where we share the national results.   Register for June 18th Assessment Results Overview Webinar If you can’t attend, register and we will send you the recording of the session.

 For more information about the Values & Behaviours Sport Assessment

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