Learning How to Give Feedback When Something Has to be SAID.

SAID Feedback Model Live Webinar By What Not To Yell Inc.

* WEBINAR  Tuesday, July 15 – 8:00-9:00pm EST  *

You are at your kid(s) game, and it starts…. Another parent or a coach starts to yell at an official or even the players. You become frustrated because it is not helping the situation and it is ruining your experience of the game. Something has to be SAID!

Join WNTY in a live 60-minute webinar to learn how you can provide feedback using the SAID Feed back Model in a constructive and controlled fashion, so you don’t make matters worse.

This Live Webinar is targeted to:

  • Team Managers who need to give feedback to a parent or bench staff
  • Parent Rep who needs to give feedback to a parent or coach
  • Coaches who need to give feedback to a parent, player, bench staff member
  • Board Members who want to learn to give feedback to a fellow Board Member
  • Parents who need to give feedback to a fellow Parent, your own player or Bench staff member

What you will learn:

  • SAID Model’s 4 elements to crafting and structuring feedback to start a feedback conversation
  • How to think through the 4 elements of the SAID model
  • How to detect your own judgement which makes matters worse
  • How to be as objective as possible when positioning feedback
  • How to manage your own emotions.

What you need:

  • Computer to access the Zoom Webinar – a meeting invite will be sent directly to your calendar. Log in 10-15 minutes before the session if you have not used Zoom before. You will need a few minutes to get set up for the first time. (see below for instructions).
  • A real situation where you need or want to give someone feedback (positive or negative) in sports, at work or at home. Come prepared to work through your personal situation
  • Pen and paper to take draft your SAID Statement.

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