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How to Win at the Game of Meetings

Have you ever wondered why sport teams have a coach, yet business or leadership teams don’t? Team Coaches are not just for sports. And there are some cool parallels from coaching sports teams to coaching business team’s worth exploring. For many sport organizations...


Webinar Sept 25, 2019

Learning How to Give Feedback When Something Has to be SAID. SAID Feedback Model Live Webinar By What Not To Yell Inc. *WEBINAR  Wednesday Sept. 25th at 8 pm – 9 pm ET.  * You are at your kid(s) game, and it starts…. Another parent or a coach starts to yell at an...

SAID Model Webinar

We Are Curious…..

Recently I was at one of my son’s games, and having a conversation with a friend of mine, when a couple of the parents started.  Yelling at the refs for a call or a missed call, getting frustrated, agitated and not seemingly enjoying the game. Naturally our...

Change Your Thoughts Change the Game SeriesParents


Love is not a word that is used a lot in sports, unless it is relating to how much you love a sport or how much you love to play.  We don’t use the terms compassion or gratitude or appreciate much when in sports arenas. In fact, it is more about beating the other...


The Dance of Watching Your Kids Play

Have you ever heard the expression “Go to the balcony”?  I first hear it in a negotiations course I was taking years ago.  It was an expression they used to help you pull back from an intense negotiation, so you can take a different perspective, and see what was...


The Vicious Cycle

A few years ago I was volunteering for our tournament, and at the last minute had to jump into the time keeping box as the volunteer scheduled to do it had a family emergency.  “Other duties as assigned” is how volunteers get through the crazy hectic weekend of...